Our Mobile App Development Process 

Without a process, no app development project can go anywhere fast. We know you want your web app up and running quickly, and your mobile app in the App Store or Google Play store as soon as possible. With a well-designed workflow from years of writing code for custom software and cross platform development, Augusto can turn your vision into a reality more quickly than you’d imagine. 



Define Project Requirements 

Augusto will sit down with your team to collect all necessary information, project specs, research and competitor analysis to create a requirements document for the project and a project plan. Here we define the full scope of the project and review it with you to validate the plan and project costs. 

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Design Diagrams/Wireframing 

The next step is to begin designing the user interface, which begins with wireframes that take you through the app’s workflow. Once the initial workflow is validated against customer requirements we move into developing a working design model. 

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Application Development 

With the workflow and design in hand we can begin moving into developing the required code and developing a working model of the app complete with any necessary outside integrations. 

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QA & Testing 

Once there’s a functioning version of the app we move into the testing and debugging phase, ultimately gaining customer approval. 

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Now with a fully functional and tested app, our team completes the mobile application development process by deploying the app and provides maintenance and support for the app. 

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Augusto Digital has a well-established process that allows them to quickly begin delivering value. They were able to understand our business requirements and iterate quickly as we discovered new information”

Mayank Thanawala | CTO, OrbitalRX


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