Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Product: Decentralized Healthcare System

Empowering Healthcare Innovation with HealthBar's Platform

HealthbarIn the rapidly evolving landscape of the healthcare industry, startups like HealthBar are driving transformative change by introducing innovative solutions. HealthBar is revolutionizing healthcare delivery through their groundbreaking decentralized model, which empowers clinicians and individuals alike to engage with healthcare services in a unique and customizable manner.

HealthBar provides fully customized, highly accessible, and price-transparent, healthcare services that are designed to change people’s lives. From their healthcare partnership program to our school nurse program, direct primary care, concierge services, and beyond, they change lives through accessible, nurse-driven healthcare for employers, schools, and families. 

Our goal of creating a "healthcare community" and providing patient empowerment would be much more difficult if Augusto was not managing our application and technologies.
Nathan Baar
Nathan Baar
Founder, HealthBar

The Problem: Navigating Complex Healthcare Infrastructure

The journey for HealthBar began with a vision to create a healthcare community that emphasizes accessibility and personalized care. However, managing and operating a complex, decentralized healthcare system posed significant challenges:

  • Resource Limitations: As a startup, HealthBar lacked the resources to handle the intricate infrastructure, system requirements, and application needs required by their ambitious vision.
  • Clinician Empowerment: Central to their mission was enabling clinicians to work independently and on their own terms, but the technical complexities hindered this goal.

Partnering with Augusto Digital

To overcome these challenges, HealthBar partnered with Augusto Digital, a specialized IT solutions provider. Augusto Digital embarked on a multi-pronged approach to address HealthBar needs:

  1. Custom Operations Platform: Augusto Digital built a tailored digital operations platform that streamlined clinician onboarding, scheduling, and the development of a diverse multispecialty healthcare referral network. This platform catalyzed the growth of HealthBar’s clinical community, comprising more than 550 clinicians across Michigan, alongside 20+ referral partners.
  2. Cloud Native Solution: The built platform was Cloud Native, which provided scalability and flexibility for future growth.
  3. Managed Services for Ongoing Support: Recognizing the need for continuous system administration, customizations, and application management, HealthBar engaged Augusto’s Managed Services. This partnership ensured consistent support, maintenance, and enhancements for the platform.
  4. Outsourced IT Oversight: By entrusting Augusto Digital with IT and system administration responsibilities, HealthBar’s internal medical team could concentrate on patient-centric initiatives and community building.

The Solution: A Comprehensive Support Package

Augusto provided ongoing support and development for Healthbar’s custom application and cloud infrastructure through their Application Managed Services.

Continuous Development
  • Adapting to Industry Changes: Healthcare is a dynamic field, and Augusto Digital’s ongoing development efforts ensure that HealthBar’s platform remains aligned with the latest trends and requirements.
  • Feature Enhancements: Backlog management and prioritization with stakeholders.  Regular feature additions and bug fixes sustain the platform’s effectiveness and user satisfaction.
Application Management
  • Security and Integration: Augusto Digital handles security updates, system patches, and seamless integration with third-party systems like QuickBooks and licensing registration systems.
  • Custom Interactions: The platform’s unique customization needs are met to ensure tailored experiences for users.
Support Service Desk
  • Centralized Support: Healthbar’s team benefits from a dedicated help desk for reporting issues, bugs, and requesting new features.
  • Single Point of Contact: This centralized approach provides efficient communication and swift issue resolution.
Monitoring and Alerting
  • Proactive Monitoring: Constant monitoring guarantees optimal system uptime and performance.
  • Timely Alerts: In case of issues or outages, instant alerts ensure rapid responses and minimal disruption.
System Administration
  • Managed Cloud Environment: Augusto Digital takes charge of the HealthBar AWS environment, including backups and billing management.

Through their collaboration with Augusto Digital, Healthbar’s platform has successfully tackled the intricate challenges of the healthcare landscape. By leveraging a custom digital operations platform and Augusto’s Managed Services, HealthBar empowers clinicians, enhances patient care, and nurtures a thriving healthcare community. This partnership exemplifies how technology can catalyze ground-level innovation and reshape the healthcare industry for the better.

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