Location: South Bend, IN
Product: User Experience Development

As a leading health benefit intelligence company, SEMMA Health leveraged Augusto’s UX experience to improve the user flow and modernize the design of its Enroll Guard application.

SEMMA Health’s big data platform provides employers with health benefit intelligence in the form of data solutions that review, regulate, and reduce health benefits spending. The company’s transparency cuts through the obscurity of the current healthcare system, providing employers with local providers and reducing the cost of healthcare for patients.

The Problem:

There is a tremendous lack of transparency and misalignment of incentives in the current healthcare system. This incentivizes everyone—except the patients and employers who pay the bills—to increase the cost and volume of healthcare services.

That’s why SEMMA’s Enroll Guard application forms the bridge between employers and providers, helping each provide better care for the patient. Used often by human resource departments, the web app allows new employees to easily select health insurance and provide their dependent information. An auditor can then proactively review this information during the first 30 days of employment, prior to when the employee’s coverage begins.

However, our research into SEMMA’s user interaction with the Enroll Guard application uncovered negative feedback including an outdated design, inefficient UX, and a focus on functionality rather than user flow.

The Solution:

The SEMMA Health team engaged with Augusto because of our QA process, user experience (UX), and willingness to work with them through ambiguity.

Within eight weeks, The Augusto team designed and developed a new responsive application theme for Enroll Guard utilizing modern web framework—including the Bootstrap framework—and a scaleable cloud architecture. This framework integrated nicely with the existing ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC) solution hosted in Microsoft Azure. Following product management guidelines, we helped SEMMA design and finish a minimally viable product (MVP) to share with prospective customers.

Through this review process, customers validated SEMMA’s perceived need for the new software. The modern UX we implemented ensures that any future enhancements can leverage the new front-end components.

"Working with Augusto was a great experience! The team exhibited strong communication skills, problem-solving, and flexibility. They delivered a great solution to us!"

Iterating upon User Feedback

The success of our engagement with SEMMA Health results from our developers taking the time to research and understand users’ pains, concerns, and desires. We followed our standard product mindset approach of building an MVP, then seeking feedback and iterating.

While SEMMA hasn’t taken the new Enroll Guard application to the broad market yet, most of the feedback they have received centers around the improved user flow and an updated design.

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