Healthcare MVPs Using AI and No-Code



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Healthcare MVPs Using AI and No-Code

Discover how we tackled a client’s challenge of developing a key set of features for their software platform in record time. With a landing page generated by AI, using no-code form tools to develop a self-service assessment and seamlessly integrated it with N8N for database integration, email communication, and more. The entire process took us just two hours, leaving our client impressed and able to incorporate the solution into their selling process. If you’re stuck bringing your ideas to life, explore the incredible advancements in AI and no-code tools. We’re here to offer guidance and support to help you make it happen.

Hey, I wanted to share some information today about work that’s going on in the healthcare space that is leveraging AI and no code software to really accelerate the development of prototypes and MVPs that are functional.

We had a client reach out to us about a week ago and they’ve worked on a big software platform and they were trying to figure out how to develop a key set of features. They want to develop what’s called a screener or like a quick assessment of problems someone might be facing and do like quick self-service diagnosis. And they were debating if they could build that into the platform or if they were able to build something on the side that they could really accelerate an integrated with their platform. So we took on the challenge of saying let’s use AI and some no-code tools and see how fast we could build this. And I’m telling you, these tools have come so far. We use Bard and chat GPT with different prompts. We’re able to generate a landing page that was using their theme within 20-30 minutes. And then we use the no-code tool called Typeform to build out an assessment. We also had the AI generate the assessment too. So we had multiple options. Saving information in databases and then we were able to connect it to another tool called N8N, which was able to do the integration with databases and send emails and we did this in two hours and it blew the socks off of our client and they’ve been able to use it in their selling process.

I just wanted to share that, if you have ideas that are like coming to the table and you’re stuck, trying to figure out how to get it done. Definitely start looking into these AI and no-code tools. Like they have come so far and if you need any help, if you’re happy to talk it over with you and provide help if you need it but I wanted to share kind of these interesting insights. Thanks.

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