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Augusto's dedicated teams are designed to help you gain a competitive advantage in the market by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices. With our comprehensive software development services, you can stay ahead of the curve, delight your customers, drive profitability, and unlock the full potential of your data. We are experts in developing mobile apps, web apps, and interactive dashboards to automate and enhance your processes, flows, data management, cybersecurity, and more. Augusto can help you with Industry 4.0 adoption and readiness in 6 of the 9 building blocks:



Take your business to the next level. Cloud-based technology has the potential to optimize your manufacturing to become more flexible and cost-effective than ever. Our cloud-based solutions will ensure that your business processes are as adaptable and agile as your industry requires.



To function smoothly, your complex manufacturing systems must communicate and operate seamlessly. Our system integration solutions ensure precise and reliable integration of all your systems.



The data collected from your machines, devices, and operators communicates valuable insights—the keys to understanding root causes are just hidden in the numbers. Our big data ingestion and management tools can help unlock what the data is saying.


Internet of
Things (IoT)

Utilizing the power of the Internet of Things in your manufacturing will lead to lowered operational costs, quicker customizations, improved time-to-market, and increased safety.



Simulations help your business gain valuable insights around the effect of local changes on the rest of the system, reducing potential inefficiencies and saving your company valuable time and money.



Cloud-based systems and technological advancements create room for more cybersecurity threats. Augusto’s secure data storage and real-time monitoring can help prevent and minimize any attacks on your systems.

Custom Dashboards for Optimized Manufacturing

Dashboards allow you to easily monitor your most important production KPIs and evaluate data and analytics from all of your IoT touch-points in real time. Augusto can help you develop easy-to-use dashboards that optimize your production quality and lower operation costs in all areas, including:

  • eCommerce
  • Dealer Networks
  • Shop Floor/Assembly Line
  • Real-Time IoT Analytics
  • And more, customized to your unique business needs

Don’t miss out on valuable production insights. Our streamlined dashboards will help you listen to and interpret what your data and devices are telling you at just the right time.

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