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Fast Convenient Seamless

Fast Convenient Seamless

CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve built an app! Now what? You need a technical team to support it. Don’t have one? Augusto can help.


If you have a custom software application, you need Augusto’s application maintenance & support service. You may be wondering, is app support really that important? The answer is yes. Your application's performance directly impacts your business’s performance. When an application is properly supported it can become highly agile and adaptive driving maximum revenue for your business. Which is why, whether Augusto built your custom software application or not, we’re here for you.

The Benefits of Application Maintenance & Support

> Reduces Ownership & Labor Costs

> Frees Up Capital

> Increases Your Technical Expertise

> Allows your team’s focus to shift to more important things

> Identifies outdated and unstable programs still in use

> Integrates into your existing helpdesk

The Risks of an Unsupported Application

When left unchecked, a custom software application can wreak havoc on your business and your users.

> Lost Revenue

> Low Productivity

> Missed Deadlines

> A Negative Brand Experience

> Reduced Engagement (frustrated users will move onto a competing application)


Our customizable maintenance and support service allows us to meet and address your specific application needs. It’s fast, convenient, and seamless. Most importantly, it allows your business to run without any interruptions.

Application Monitoring

We keep an eye on your app so you don’t have to. Our monitoring tools will alert our helpdesk on key items like your domain, SSL, and application uptime.


The Augusto Support Helpdesk allows you to submit tickets and report bugs. It is the primary way to communicate with our support team, and it allows a single point of contact. Helpdesk provides the status, priority, and all other information around your issue.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance, more commonly referred to as “bugs” or issues, is the most typical change associated with support. These bug fixes often come in the form of quick, small updates.

Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptive software changes focus on the infrastructure and the environment of the app. These updates provide minimal impact or changes for the users. They provide the foundation to keep the system up-to-date and running smoothly.

Technical Support

Augusto support service representatives are available via ticketing, email, or chat, but most importantly, your support issues are triaged to ensure the correct technician handles each job.

At Augusto, we offer level 1, 2, and 3 technical support, which means you don’t have to diagnose your problems. We have the experts to help. When an issue arises, contact the Augusto helpdesk.

A Level 1 trained operator helps understand your problem utilizing handbook solutions to resolve the issue. (Most issues are easily resolved this way.) However, if a solution cannot be found then the issue is elevated to the next level.

At Level 2, a technical expert with deep knowledge of the application assesses the issue and works to identify a solution. If a solution cannot be found, the issue is elevated to the next level.

At Level 3, an engineer or programmer is called upon to recreate the issue and develop a solution. All new fixes are documented in the handbook for future use by Level 1 & 2 operators.

Why Choose

Our fast, convenient, and seamless application maintenance & support services allows your business to operate without any interruptions. Our dedicated teams have the technical expertise, knowledge, experience, and passion to ensure your app is properly supported. Augusto can help you protect your new investment and your business.


FREE Custom Software Application Evaluation from Augusto!

If you have a custom software app, you need Augusto’s Application Support Service. Your app’s performance directly impacts your business’s performance. Which is why proper support is so important. But how can you tell if your app is being properly supported or not?

For a limited time, Augusto is offering a FREE custom software application evaluation. This service (regularly $3,000) includes:

  • Review of your application’s business case
  • Assessment of your application’s technology
    An architectural diagram illustrating how your application’s system works
  • Identification of the challenges currently facing your application that are impacting your day to day (i.e. security threats, down time, and bugs).
  • Suggestions for areas of improvement
  • Next steps for proper support so you can ensure your application remains agile and adaptive to your business.

Having a comprehensive understanding of how your custom software application operates and is connected will save your business time and money. Claim your FREE application evaluation today. Terms and conditions apply.

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