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Product: AWS, Amazon Connect, Google SSO, & Salesforce Cloud
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Using Amazon Connect to Enhance Customer Support

An Augusto Digital client that works within Salesforce wanted to have their call center operations within Salesforce for streamlined support.  They reached out to Augusto Digital, an AWS partner, for assistance to integrate Salesforce and Amazon Connect.

The customer uses Salesforce for all their communications and wants all channels to be within Salesforce.  To do so, Amazon Connect can be integrated so that the calls and call center reporting can be done within Salesforce.  This enables streamlined processes and management of the call center.

The Problem

AWS LOGO Salesforce LOGOThe client faced several challenges in their customer support operations, including:

Integration Gaps 

The client encountered difficulties due to disconnected communication channels, leading to disjointed customer interactions and operational inefficiencies.

Disjointed Systems 

Agents were required to use multiple applications, including Salesforce for customer relationship management and Amazon Connect for handling customer interactions. This disjointed system led to inefficiencies and a disjointed experience for both agents and customers.

Missed calls 

Agents aren’t always able to answer a phone call.  When a missed call occurs, quick notification and access to the necessary voicemail and callback information is necessary.

Lack of Session Review 

Both agents and managers had difficulty reviewing and analyzing customer interactions to improve service quality and agent performance.

Inefficient Voicemail Handling

The existing voicemail system lacked automation and integration, making it challenging to manage and respond to voicemail messages promptly.

Manual CRM Integration

The client needed a seamless connection between their CRM system and their Amazon Connect call center to enhance agent productivity and customer experience.

The Solution

Augusto Digital collaborated closely with the client to implement a comprehensive set of solutions that allowed for the integration of Amazon Connect and Salesforce.  This custom integration utilized components in the Salesforce App Exchange, custom software, and AWS services :

Amazon Connect Managed ServicesAWS flow

Augusto provided continuous monitoring and support for Amazon Connect to ensure smooth and reliable customer interactions.  Amazon Connect managed services includes four key areas: observability, incident management, AMCD ( Adds – Moves – Changes – Deletes), and optimizations.  Real-time monitoring and correlation of system log messages, and metrics, we prioritize identifying and correcting issues before they impact service. 

Amazon Connect Call Center Instance

AWS Connect is like lego blocks.  The call center can be set up with custom call flows & queues for a combination of inbound and outbound flows unique to each agent or a single point of entry.

Custom Amazon Connect SSO Integration

Single sign-on (SSO) with Google was implemented to streamline access and reduce the need for multiple logins. This improved ease of use and efficiency for agents. This allows client agents to log in securely with multi-factor authentication.

Custom Voicemail Solution

Augusto configured a bespoke voicemail system that automatically sent email and SMS notifications with message transcripts to agents. Each agent received an individual voicemail box, and a global voicemail box was established for the call center.

Custom Voicemail Greeting Solution

A unique custom voicemail greeting system was developed, enabling agents to set personalized greetings, record them, and manage them easily, thus enhancing communication with callers. This allowed for a more personalized and professional interaction with clients.

Custom Development for Call Reporting and Customer Lookup

A custom development was undertaken to integrate call reporting and customer lookup features. This allowed agents to access customer information in Salesforce seamlessly during interactions.


Robust reporting capabilities were introduced to track key performance metrics and customer service effectiveness. This provided valuable insights for improving service quality.

Click-to-Call in Salesforce

A ‘Click-to-Call’ feature was added within Salesforce, making it convenient for agents to initiate outbound calls directly from the Salesforce platform.

Call Transcription, Sentiment Analysis, and Recording

  • All customer interactions were transcribed, allowing for easy reference and analysis. Sentiment analysis provided insights into the emotional state of customers, helping agents tailor their responses effectively.
  • Recordings were stored to allow agents and managers to review and analyze customer interactions
  • Call Transcript, Sentiment Analysis and recordings are embedded into the Salesforce interface. 

Amazon Connect Integration to Salesforce

Augusto customized the integration between Amazon Connect and the client’s Salesforce instance utilizing the Salesforce CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) Adapter.  Enabling Salesforce users to handle phone calls directly within the system. Calls were recorded and stored in custom records, allowing for transcription and analysis of conversations, including sentiment analysis and other key metrics. Real-time and historical contact center metrics were also integrated into Salesforce.


The Results

The implementation of these solutions resulted in significant improvements.

Efficient Workflows

Agents now operate primarily within Salesforce, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications, leading to increased efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Support

Integration of Amazon Connect and the CRM led to more efficient customer interactions, with caller information readily available to agents, resulting in improved response times and overall customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Voicemail Handling

The custom voicemail solution streamlined voicemail management, providing agents with timely notifications and transcripts, improving responsiveness to client messages.  Agents are now able to receive and respond to voicemail messages promptly, ensuring that no important inquiries go unanswered

Customized Voicemail Greetings

The ability for agents to create and customize their voicemail greetings allowed for better communication with callers, leading to increased caller engagement and clearer information sharing.  

Seamless SSO Integration

The custom SSO solution improved security and convenience for client agents, simplifying their access to critical systems reducing login friction

Data-Driven Decision Making

The robust reporting and sentiment analysis have enabled data-driven decision-making, helping the organization refine its customer service strategy.

Enhanced Data Insights

The integration of Amazon Connect and the CRM provided valuable insights into customer interactions, enabling data-driven decisions and improved service delivery. Agents and managers can easily review and analyze customer interactions, leading to better service quality and agent performance.

In conclusion, Augusto Digital’s tailored solutions transformed our client’s customer support operations, leading to increased efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved data-driven decision-making. Our ongoing partnership ensures that our client can continue their mission effectively.

In conclusion, the integration of Salesforce and Amazon Connect has empowered our client to deliver more efficient and effective customer service, making a significant impact on their mission of providing support and assistance to those in need. The organization can now serve its clients with greater care, responsiveness, and data-driven insights, ultimately enhancing their ability to fulfill their mission

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