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Healthcare and Interoperability Expertise

The team excels in healthcare software projects with a vast portfolio, in-depth domain knowledge, and the ability to execute for our clients.

Hero Approach

We make our clients' teams the heroes by partnering to elevate their performance and goal achievement. We bring in the right people at the right time based on our client's needs.


We built Augusto on the foundation of trusted relationships, both with our team and our clients. Our relationships evolve and strengthen over time through successes, failures, and shared core values.



At Augusto, we help you with digital transformation and build cloud-native custom software solutions that take advantage of the distributed computing power of the cloud to help your business succeed. 



Digital Transformation Consulting

Our mission is to guide healthcare organizations through digital transformation, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to elevate patient care, optimize operations, and pioneer new frontiers. From streamlining administrative processes to harnessing the power of data analytics for informed decision-making, our tailored consulting services empower healthcare providers to stay agile in an ever-evolving landscape. 

User Experience Design

Our dedicated UX design team is rooted in human-centered design principles.  We offer top-tier UX talent for projects, we also strategize and guide UX workshops. Our primary focus revolves around research, analysis and designing software solutions that deliver business outcomes while also providing seamless and intuitive user experiences.

Custom Software Development

At Augusto, we build cloud-native software applications that take advantage of the distributed computing power of the cloud, which allows for greater flexibility, unparalleled survivability, and elasticity. We build web applications, mobile applications, and ecommerce solutions. In addition, we offer app modernization and migration, content management, and UX design. Cloud-native applications mean greater agility and more deployment options across the different networks.

Dedicated and Fractional Teams

Augusto Digital offers dedicated and fractional development teams to provide organizations with the power to build a software solution tailored to their unique business needs. Our teams include an engagement lead and a senior technical lead. These two positions form a partnership with you and the product manager you appoint. From here, we can add more team members depending on the timing and budget of your project(s). We’ll participate in—or lead—your daily scrum meetings, occasionally travel to your offices for working sessions, and function just like your in-house team members.

Application Support

Your application’s performance directly impacts your business’s performance. When an application is properly supported it can become highly agile and adaptive driving maximum revenue for your business. When left unchecked, an application can wreak havoc on your business and your users but keeping up with software’s continuously evolving tech environment can be challenging. Which is why, whether Augusto built your application or not, we’re here for you. Our Managed Services are tailored to your specific application needs, resulting in innovative, dynamic, and cost-effective solutions.



Augusto Digital has a primary focus on Healthcare & Health Tech. We can help you execute your vision for healthcare and interoperability. Our teams specialize in developing and integrating HIPAA-compliant, secure solutions for AI, web, CMS, mobile, IoT, cloud and data. We work with you to achieve your digital transformation by offering complete solutions, fractional teams and technical expertise.

Financial Services

Augusto can help you execute your unique digital vision within financial services. With an emphasis on compliance, security, and transparency, the Augusto team is here to help you create financial service solutions that your customers can trust.

Commercial Services

Augusto’s software development services are designed to help you gain a competitive advantage by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices. By partnering with us, you can stay ahead of the curve, delight your customers, drive profitability, and unlock the full potential of your data.

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