ICE Cobotics Digital Operations

Location: Hong Kong, China / Zeeland, MI, USA
Service: Digital Operations 

Streamlining Digital Operations for ICE Cobotics

Headquartered in Hong Kong, China, and Zeeland, MI, USA, ICE Cobotics is a leading robotic cleaning and data company dedicated to enabling businesses to achieve optimal cleaning efficiency. The company provides an all-inclusive subscription with their Cobi 18 autonomous floor scrubber, simplifying commercial cleaning while ensuring affordability and reliability.

"Being a small team, we often get weighed down by the "tyranny of the urgent." Working with Augusto has allowed me to offload support items so I can focus on the future and where we want to go."
Bryan Showers
Director of Information Technology, ICE Cobotics

The Problem

ICE Cobotics needed help to retain skilled employees within its IT department for effective system administration. Due to the staff shortage, the company’s director of information technology frequently found himself diverted to handle routine tasks, leaving him with insufficient time to spearhead major projects. The demands of digital operations at ICE Cobotics were too extensive for one person to handle alone. He struggled to hire someone who could do all the tasks he needed but was hesitant to engage an external team due to budget constraints. 

Why ICE Cobotics Chose Augusto

ICE Cobotics sought an affordable, predictable solution to boost their digital operations and support team’s capabilities. Rather than allocating their budget towards hiring a single person with a limited skill set, Augusto’s full-service team offered all the necessary skills and services at a lower cost than hiring an individual. 

To foster trust and facilitate resource allocation towards projects, we proposed a 90-day trial period, allowing their team to validate that we delivered results. The Augusto team offered digital operations and support services to ICE Cobitics with a predictable monthly recurring budget. This provided them with cost control, scalability, access to advanced technologies and expertise, and allowed them to know the exact amount they would be spending on IT each month.

Augusto’s Solution

Augusto’s efforts were centered around two significant areas: system administration and IT management. These are services offered under Augusto’s Digital Operations and Support services. We met with ICE Cobotics’ IT Director and aligned our team to their needs. This included providing helpdesk services and defining a backlog of operational activities and IT projects that needed to be completed. We then partnered to fill these roles and took ownership of managing the project backlog and operational activities.

Rather than taking over the team’s work, we integrated ourselves within their ranks, adopting a consultative approach to problem-solving and making their team the heroes. Through regular onsite visits to ICE Cobotics’ Zeeland, MI, office, we fostered strong relationships with the team. Efficiently triaging website issues enabled the development team to concentrate on high-priority tasks. Additionally, we helped align their systems with their business needs by optimizing the utilization of existing tools like HubSpot and Zendesk, thereby maximizing returns on their investments.

As our partnership progressed, we helped streamline communication within ICE Cobotics’ Swap Process for returning old or faulty robots. Using the systems they already have and executing simple integrations, we employed a strategic messaging strategy that facilitated easier troubleshooting and prompt scrubber replacement while also enabling ICE Cobotics to efficiently track returned robots for repair.

The Results

After our initial 90-day trial, ICE Cobotics signed a long-term contract. They increased their budget with Augusto to continue our work supporting their digital operations because they saw a significant increase in IT productivity and business results. 

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