What is the Difference Between App Support and Tech Support?



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Once your custom software application is running, you surely want to keep it that way. With a partner like Augusto, you benefit from both app support and tech support teams.

What is the difference between app support and tech support?

App support teams are proactive. They ensure systems and applications run smoothly by identifying problems and deploying smart solutions. Technicians actively monitor your software and databases. They’re highly skilled in SQL, Java, front-end development, and .NET languages.

On the other hand, tech support teams are reactive. Think of it as the help desk. Their strengths lie in networks, systems, and other infrastructure.

How does Augusto ensure I have the correct technician handling each job?

Augusto support service representatives are available via ticketing, email, or chat. And you can trust that your support issues are triaged to ensure the correct technician handles each job.

At Augusto, we offer level 1, 2, and 3 technical support, which means you don’t have to diagnose your problems. We have the experts to help. When an issue arises, contact the Augusto helpdesk.

Level 1: A trained operator helps diagnose your problem, using handbook solutions to resolve the issue. Most issues are easily resolved this way. However, if a solution cannot be found, the issue is elevated to the next level.

Level 2: A technical expert with deep knowledge of the application assesses the issue and works to identify a solution. If a solution cannot be found, the issue is elevated to the next level.

Level 3: An engineer or programmer is called upon to recreate the issue and develop a solution. All new fixes are documented in the handbook for future use by Level 1 and 2 operators.

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