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Augusto Builds Custom Digital Operations Platform To Help Healthbar Scale Its Mobile Network Creating Decentracare


GRAND RAPIDS, MI, May 17, 2022 – Using their cloud native expertise, Augusto Digital built a custom digital operations platform that allows DecentraCare, a HealthBar company, to manage clinician onboarding, scheduling and the development of its multispecialty healthcare referral network. DecentraCare’s network now boasts more than 550 nurses and nurse practitioners across the State of Michigan as well as over 20 referral partners allowing other healthcare entities and individuals within the community to access a-la-carte healthcare services.

When DecentraCare originally launched they were running their entire operation from a manual spreadsheet. They needed custom software support to scale their onboarding and scheduling processes. Augusto’s custom application now saves the DecentraCare team significant time and money while gaining efficiency and accuracy.

“The need for a decentralized healthcare services network has never been greater. Outpatient healthcare providers like nursing homes, home health agencies, and specialty medical services are struggling to meet their minimum staffing requirements in the post-COVID era,” said Nathan Baar, DecentraCare Founder. “DecentraCare can help solve this issue by providing skilled, as needed nurse staffing services. This work wouldn’t be possible without the custom software that we developed with the Augusto team.”

The first component Augusto built was the clinician onboarding process. When new clinicians join DecentraCare’s network, they interact with a custom application. They enter their information and an API that’s connected to the State of Michigan registry authenticates their nursing credentials. They’re able to watch a welcome video of Baar and record themselves as an introductory interview. On the back-end of the application, DecentraCare team members can review, ask questions and accept or deny the new clinician.

Augusto then built a custom scheduling application that integrates with QuickBooks. It provides interactive master scheduling, where nurses can connect their calendars and coordinate jobs. Payment is connected, as well, so DecentraCare can track time, pay clinicians and invoice patients.

client-home Augusto’s engineering team leveraged their AWS cloud expertise in the technology stack created for these custom solutions: Cognito for user management; and programming languages such as Flask for server-side API, PostgreSQL database, and React frontend. This serverless Architecture allows DecentraCare the ability to grow without having to change the infrastructure or technologies.

Augusto continues to support DecentraCare through the development of a dashboard where patients can request services, view their spend, and discover the clear benefits of relying on a decentralized healthcare network where transparency and ease-of-access is crucial.

DecentraCare seeks to decentralize healthcare services creating transparency, quality, and ultimately independence for the healthcare community. Former emergency room nurse and Director of Emergency and Urgent Care Services at a leading Health System, Nathan Baar, founded DecentraCare to create a decentralized healthcare system that mobilizes healthcare providers allowing them to work independently. This independence allows them to focus on treating their patients instead of on all the red tape that exists within the healthcare system.

HealthBar offers full-scale medical services to schools and businesses and leverages DecentraCare’s extensive nursing and multidisciplinary clinical referral networks when needed to scale its operations.

About Augusto: Augusto is a cloud-native software design, development, and support company based in Grand Rapids, MI. Our team has the technical expertise, knowledge, experience, and passion needed to help our clients achieve their business dreams. Augusto specializes in Healthcare, Manufacturing, & Financial Services. Our services include Cloud-Native Software Design & Development, Cloud Services, Application Maintenance & Support, and Dedicated Software Development Teams.

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About DecentraCare: DecentraCare seeks to create nursing independence through an open market for healthcare services. Healthcare has continued to consolidate and reduce opportunities for nurses and other healthcare professionals to work independently. This consolidation of the system is done to achieve greater profits but has a negative effect on patient access, quality of care and clinician satisfaction. Learn more at the website here:


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