Brian Anderson

Visionary problem solver. Brian is constantly working at the confluence of product design, systems development, and entrepreneurship.

Marty Balkema
Director of Delivery & COO

Delivery guru with the ability to see the big picture, he quickly turns vision into operational plans that achieve objectives and goals. Marty leads with a people first approach.

Joel Ross
Director of Technical Engineering & CFO

Detail oriented with natural gifts to analyze and understand requirements, constraints, and options quickly. Joel uses a pragmatic approach when designing and delivering solutions.

Jim Becher
Solution Architect & Technical Lead

Multiplier of positive energy and teamwork. Jim is focused on harnessing cutting edge technology to solve real world business problems and issues.

Justin Wolgamott
Technical Lead

Well-versed in the practice of turning vision and technical challenges into exceptional solutions. Justin brings a wealth of experience in software architecture, development, team leadership, and product focused engagement.

Matt Hulce
Engagement Lead

Operates in the space between the vision and the technical delivery of solutions. Matt fulfills the roles of product manager, business analyst and engagement lead on development teams.

Sean Wcisel
Senior Developer

Adept at making your vision come to life. Sean loves nothing more than delivering elegant, reliable and scalable solutions that your organization will be thrilled to use.