Why is Custom Software Application Support Important?



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Why is Custom Software Application Support Important?

You built an app—way to go!

But then you quickly learned about the concept of application support: the teams that monitor, correct, and improve your custom software applications.

You might be thinking that you can get away without a custom software application support team, but that would be a mistake. Read on to uncover the benefits of application support and the risks of an unsupported app.

What are the benefits of custom software application support?

When an application is properly supported, it becomes highly agile and adaptive—driving maximum revenue for your business.

Here are six clear benefits for adding application support services—especially when you can outsource it to an expert:

  • Reduces ownership and labor costs

  • Frees up capital

  • Increases your technical expertise, regardless of staff turnover or absences

  • Allows your team’s focus to shift to more important things

  • Identifies outdated and unstable programs still in use

  • Integrates into your existing Helpdesk

What are the risks of an unsupported custom software application?

Without application support, your dear app could wreak havoc on your business and your users.

These are six fatal flaws you can avoid by adding application support:

  • Low productivity, disrupting business processes and functionality

  • Missed deadlines

  • Lost revenue

  • A negative brand experience

  • Reduced engagement—frustrated users will move onto a competing application

  • A lack of ransomware protection

Don’t let your hard work developing a custom software application go to waste.

Make sure you have app support to meet and exceed your business objectives. Call Augusto for fast, convenient, and seamless application support.

Our expert team is willing and ready to ensure your application is properly supported. Give us a call today.


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